Final Fantasy VIII - Propaganda
08.02.2002 OST Scans
The front of the box
The back of the box
Liner notes page 1 (Squall and Rinoa)
Liner notes page 3 (some FMV shots)
Liner notes page 5 (a nicely-decorated bass guitar)
Liner notes page 7 (Squall and Laguna)
Liner notes page 9 (the supporting cast)
Fancy stickers!
Eyes On Me singer, Faye Wong
TV commercial 2,644K
Pre-order Final Fantasy VIII, win a car (you hope)
An ad featuring Squall, Rinoa, and Seifer
An extremely simplistic (domestic) magazine ad
An advertisement for the Bandai action figures
The Action Figures
Cerebus - Action Figure
Ifrit - Action Figure
Odin and Slepnir - Action Figure
Sirin - Action Figure
A Cactrot stuffy
A Cactrot shirt
A Final Fantasy 8 Card Holder
The official FF8 shirt
FF8 Phone Card, complete with frame
A matted and framed phonecard of Rinoa
A FF8 Poster
A Stuffed Pug
FF8 Silver Ring
Squall's Jacket
Squall's Pants
Squall's necklace
FF8 Stationery set
A cool FF8 watch
FF8 Zippo Lighter
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