Final Fantasy VIII - News
·Square Enix Performs PlayStation Plastic Surgery 10.16.2003  
·Final Fantasy, Anyone? 04.17.2001  
·Square Mentions 2002 Plans, Various Final Fantasy News 01.26.2001  
·Square Unleashes Information Explosion 01.22.2001  
·Final Fantasy 8 PC to include Yamaha Sound Enhancements 01.04.2000  
·Final Fantasy VIII Floods America 09.08.1999  
·Final Fantasy VIII to work on modified American PSX 08.12.1999  
·Australia and Europe to receive Final Fantasy VIII PC 08.11.1999  
·Square sets Final Fantasy VIII Date 06.25.1999  
·Final Fantasy 8 Announced for the PC 05.10.1999  
·Final Fantasy VIII Music Continues to Sell Well 03.22.1999  
·Final Fantasy VIII Surpasses VII 03.12.1999  
·Final Fantasy VIII Update 02.01.1999  
·Final Fantasy VIII Soundtrack and a Single 01.29.1999  
·Final Fantasy VIII: Pinnacle of Evolution? 01.28.1999  
·Final Fantasy VIII to Use Protection 01.22.1999  
·Final Fantasy VIII Plot Summary 01.19.1999  
·More on Final Fantasy VIII Mini Games 01.17.1999  
·Two New Final Fantasy VIII Characters 01.12.1999  
·Final Fantasy VIII Minigame 01.08.1999  
·Final Fantasy VIII Japanese Presell 01.04.1999  
·Final Fantasy VIII Character Descriptions 12.07.1998  
·Final Fantasy VIII: New Characters 12.06.1998  
·Final Fantasy VIII: Guardian Force Descriptions 11.20.1998  
·Final Fantasy VIII: New Character 11.18.1998  
·Final Fantasy VIII Release Date 11.15.1998  
·Final Fantasy VIII New Characters 10.28.1998  
·TGS: New Final Fantasy VIII character seen 10.09.1998  
·TGS: Sneak-peek at Final Fantasy VIII 10.09.1998  
·Final Fantasy VIII to use PDA 09.27.1998  
·Final Fantasy VIII's first villain discovered 09.10.1998  
·Final Fantasy VIII unveiled at Tokyo press conference 05.15.1998  
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