Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Propaganda
05.12.2005 Group Shot
The gang's all here
04.23.2005 Accessories
Cloud and Sephiroth poster
Cloudy Wolf accessory
Cloudy Wolf ring
Advent Children shirt
Emblem phone strap
Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz poster
Tifa poster
Cloudy Wolf lighter
04.02.2005 A Cast Scan
Kadaj and the big bang
12.27.2004 Figurines and Accessories SquareNet
Cloud and Tifa dolls Tifa doll and lighter Various accessories
09.27.2004 Bahamut makes an appearance Source: Advent
Magazine Scan
07.23.2004 Yuffie appears and Cid's in the Matrix? Source: Gamefront
Magazine Scan
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07.11.2004 Cloud, Tifa, Cid, Red XIII, and The Turks Source: Gamefront
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06.27.2004 Old Friends and Foes Return
Magazine Scans 1, 2
05.08.2004 Tifa and various turks
Magazine Scan
09.25.2003 First look
Magazine Scan
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