Torneko's Adventures 3: Mysterious Dungeon - Screen Shots
11.04.2002 Big Pretty Screens RPG Zone
The Title Screen "This here's my mom..." "...and my less attractive dad."
"We like to pick flowers." S.S. Lack-of-anti-aliasing The intimidating main character
"Let's poke him with a stick!" "It's not fat, it's glandular!" Amazing temple architecture
"I'm sorry, but our temple isn't exactly equipped to meet your"    
09.05.2002 Small Gameplay Screens The Magic Box
Torneko walks into a portal Discussing Stepping off the path
"None shall pass!" Speaking in a bedroom Heading for another portal
The sun shines only on Torneko Blabbing outside "That temple looks like a fun place!"
Torneko is being healed    
07.08.2002 Small Gameplay Screens Games Are Fun
Torneko is surrounded! Blowing wind towards the enemy Resting at an inn
The field map Heading for the beach A dungeon!
It's more fun to travel with friends Ready for a new day Those guys look troublesome
The gatekeeper Running around town Torneko looking for more adventures
Entering the audience chamber Exploring another dungeon!
06.18.2002 Initial Screens Gamespot
Bathed in a yellow light Attacked from behind Casting wind magic
Casting fire magic Exploring another dungeon!
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