Dragon Warrior III - Screen Shots
05.28.2001 E3 Screens  
Ah! it's king kong! Lots... of... metaly slimes... More... slimes...
Bad shaman! Eek! It's a toad! Baby, that's what I do best
Well, that's your opinion Well, since you asked nicely Mmm... Power...
I would hope so Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale... Just hangin' in the throne room
05.06.2001 Poster scans  
Before the King Personal inquiry Flying free
In a castle underground A skeleton? Exploring the narrows
Welcome! World map Put your money where your mouth is
Let's go! Slime coins A mother's plee
Not a good start Where is it? Is Moat ready though?
Take a break Shopkeeper Chit-Chat
Zap! Bang! Boom!    
04.12.2001 English Screens Source: RPGFan
Surprise Pregnancy Attack of the Condor VenomToad attacks
Over the bridge Followers Wonderful lineage
Thou hast the herb Rest for the night Confrontation
Abduction Free travel Nearing a castle
Sailing Slime medal In presence of a king
11.28.2000 Screens of More Detail  
Walking through a forest Cripes, the forest is dark! A battle
Healers and Googlesh anonymous slimes! A building during daytime A building during nighttime
The majesty of the castle! The treasures of the castle! The ruins of the castle!
Monster Medallion Gotta catch 'em all! Seven squared
Three googl anonymous slime medals! Paging no. 96 Another medal shot
Christmas shopping What to buy, what to buy? The katakana that the arrow points to says "Enikusu"
Waterfall More waterfall Status
Choices, choices You have found a bookshelf! Some text
No relation to any Kongs Graaaargh! Gorilla slam
Assorted monsters Various monsters Miscellaneous monsters
Motley monsters Awaken A bridge
The King Town road Some text
World map This is odd. Minigame, perhaps? Weird game, part II
Pedestal man, pedestal man, does everything a pedestal can And the same to you!  
10.09.2000 First Look Source: Magic Box
A castle In a castle On a ship
Rope bridges Dialog A battle
Odd room Another battle Big fight
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