Diablo 2 - Screen Shots
08.16.2001 Expansion Shots  
They're still standing, try for a spare Bashing down a door Demonic siege equipment
Taking down a large monster Fighting by an underground river New item types
The Assassin lets loose a deathblow The Assassin powers up Class specific equipment
Increased stash size The Druid's werebear form Fighting as a bear
The Druid's werewolf form Lord of Destruction's title screen  
05.22.2000 More Expansion Set Screens  
The New Assassin More of the Assassin Long Distance Assassination
Gotcha! Death and Destruction Look out behind you!
Assassin Portrait Druid Portrait The Druid
Summoning Wolves This place has gone to the dogs, er wolves Kill the Catapult!
Burn baby Burn! Brr! Where's my coat?  
09.05.2000 Expansion Set Screens Source: GameSpot UK
Lut Gholien, a desert town A desolate scene Fire spells give such a warm feeling
Outside a house Campy fire An old fortress
War vehicle Forest near a mine entrance A small house
Larger house again The roof The ground
Ledge of an old building Yet another building Still another building!
A small hut Eroding architecture A gate in the wall
Frozen waterfall Must have been fun sliding down  
01.12.2000 Screens Galore
A lightning spear attack Fire arrows and skeletons Attack of the beetle!
The Barbarian in town Bellowing in rage The famous log-bridge
Necromancer antics The Necro and his golem A blast of poison!
The Paladin readies himself Looking into the lake A ring of holy power
The Sorceress' wall of flame Burning rotting flesh Blasts of lightning
Necromancer visits town And the guards rush in Ice arrows are powerful
Holy power striking down Massive elemental battle The little ones know magic!
One a shopping spree Barbarian invades a house In dungeon depths
Surrounded! Enemy spellcasters A massive onslaught
Skeletons all around In the wilderness A valiant battle
Chopping through skellies Bones attacking bones A frozen Barbarian
Nova Frost attack New chat Ice daggers take flight
COMPLETELY surrounded Fire rains down Posing around a campfire
A dark lord and his minions An outdoor battle Invading a small room
The little people attack Fire in the desert? Slaying zombies
A chilling look at arrows    
12.22.1999 Sorceress' Christmas Gift Source: Gamefan
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