Atelier Iris -Eternal Mana- - Screen Shots
03.04.2005 Some New Screens
Playing with mana cards Unfortunately, this suit wasn't chosen as trump Leaping to his doom
Melting the path ahead Unleashing a massive column of light Checking the staff's status
Checking out the next stage on the world map "For the last time, I'm not asking them for a cup of sugar!" An enemy encounter?
Ryta slashes
04.25.2004 Even More Screens
Shhhh, they are sleeping Tehehe I weigh a ton!
Look at my navel everyone! Completed! "I'm selling these fine leather jackets!"
Foggy forest Since when were wands swords? Would you like to buy my green pile of poo?
They come in various other colors So that's what inanimate objects think about. As Garret approaches the Tree of Mana...wait wrong game.
Killa pink bear of doom. That also sells fish. At least her clothes aren't wet. "I think I see something in the distance."
Arrg I've been stabbed by badly drawn wings. "How dare they put a giant canyon in the middle of nowhere!" "Hey there little boy, you look an awful lot like a girl."
The headless penguin Extreme Paintbrush Attack! Watch out for that blue rabbit
That's a lot of gold for not playing very long OWNED I think they made him angry
Guns that shoot pink or birds that bleed pink? Super White Chain Slash of Impending Doom Mushroom + Mushroom + Mushroom = Piano?
Popo the Green Fairymabob
04.10.2004 More Screens
Talk to the chef Moo What to buy?
1040? What a rip off Mmm Talk away
100% of what? The light will help Boom
Skill Break it Lone wolf The pack arrived
Run away Ouch Blue glow
Power up Let go Down 28
The fire breath Blow them up I want a hug
Pure energy Down kick Red slimes attack
Purple gas Knock Back! Magic battle
Die He's headless Circle swing
Swing Great whip Whip turned into a sword
Zoom out Push down Ouch ouch ouch
Max Upgrade? Earth
She has skills Power Level
I'm the best Knight Two of the same kind
Whaaa? You need to shave Dead slime
Get on the boat Hands up Lost
Globe Sleep? Making potions
What are you doing with my woman? Take a turn at the shake and bake Nice shop here
500 for a mustache What a party Get me in my house
Fly Hungry Smash
Jump down Energize Evil mana
Throw it Attack of the knight Pick something
Food? Wee Smile please
Power is good Want to see my stuff? Ho ho ho
I like that knife Bunny Ehhhh
Spicy Buy some cloths A nighty
Swimming time Powder? A feast
What a face The cobra Dragon in ice
Glow Power up card Red powder
Again? Lack of blurb Swimsuit again
Green shirt Nighty again Light will help
Sounder AHHHHHH Try it on
Again with the knife Moo moo
02.03.2004 First Screens
It burns! He must be fast. I wonder how she swung that.
I bet he'll fall all the way. Poor boxes. Big slime?
Don't talk to much, they'll see us. What are you running for? What to make?
Nice hammer. What happened to your horns? Fire that flies.
What is that? Break this door down. Potion making.
Purple magic. Is it a summon? I don't want that staff.
Uh, yeah. Nice view. Boy you have grown.
Full town. (Big) Buy a weapon, will ya? Cards.
Like my house? More cards.
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