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Wild ARMs 3 (PlayStation 2)

The Wild ARMs series makes its PlayStation 2 debut and its cel-shaded debut with the third incarnation. The new game will take what was best from the first two games and add to that, as any good sequel should, although doesn't always. Sony's Wild ARMs 3 will four characters in a party, more dynamic conversation, puzzles, Guardians to summon, and of course, really big guns.

The game, under development for the PlayStation 2, will be set on the world of Filgaia, Wild West-themed of course, and will star ARMs expert Virginia Maxwell, whose name coincides with "Calamity" Jane Maxwell from the original Wild Arms game. Joining Maxwell will be Jet Enduro, a treasure hunter, Gallows Caradine, a Baskar tribesman, and Clive Winslet, a bounty hunter.

Hardcore fans of the Wild ARMs series are sure to be delighted over this new title in the series. If you are not as familiar with the series, don't let that stop you from playing. All of the Wild ARMs games are great on their own and are only loosely connected. Check out Wild ARMs 3 this September.

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