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When the original Hoshigami was released, I had not ventured into the world of strategy roleplay gaming. Since that time, I have played quite a few and have come to the conclusion that in normal circumstances, these titles are not my forte. Our story brings us to today where we had the opportunity to play Aksys Games' Hoshigami Remix. This lovely Nintendo DS title was originally released for the PlayStation by Atlus, and has since been remade by ArcSystemWorks.

Sitting down, the most important portion of my playtime was watching and listening to Mikel and Michael play the same game. It would help me breeze through the upcoming battles knowing what was lying in waiting for me. When finally booting up the game and eventually getting past the multiple companies' logos, the game gave me the choice of difficulty, an easy choice for a non-strategic gamer such as myself.

The game itself didn't live up to its upbeat opening cinematic, with its slow plodding battles and linear map. I can't say much for the story, unfortunately, due to the rush of getting into the games. All of the game's dialogue may be skipping by just holding the stylus down where the skip button appears on the bottom screen, saving it from continual tapping. The map is traversed by clicking locations using either the face buttons or the stylus.

You choose normal.

Eventually finding an area to battle other, very similar in look to myself, enemies--battle ensued and swords clashed with enemy's faces and vice versa. Being a very non-strategic person, I went and all-out attacked, of course leaving my characters very open to death. Despite this, and the fact that I was playing on easy, the battle went rather quickly, with my group only losing a single peon that was so weak that he should not have been on the front line. Mourning aside, the enemy leaders were routed, and despite still having enemies alive, forfeited to my mighty swagger.

At this point more story ensued, but again, time was of the essence and the battle march pulled me ahead into a new battle. Sadly, before I could stab them all, it was time for us to make our way home, away from the hustle and bustle of Aksys Games. In the short amount of time that I was able to play the game, I only really played the battles themselves, not even utilizing the systems to my advantage. So far, I just haven't played enough of the game to give a very good impression of what it's like to play this remake, however; the little I did play would have kept me playing for at least another battle. After that, it's hard to say what would have happened, but knowing my penchant for not finishing games, I sadly don't think I'd have much luck with this title's rather long battles.

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