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Has anyone drawn a chalk outline around this one yet?

Following up my slightly disappointed run of Kingdom Hearts 2, I moved over to see what was a refreshing breeze in the form of Radiata Story. Admittingly, I've not been following this that closely other than notices that it was neat so I was kind of going in blind when I picked up the controller and found something I don't see that often: a heartbeat.

Many games these days are pretty serious. They're big productions meant to hold your attention and enspell you. This was not always the way of things as there used to be a number of games that'd be darn good fun and realize that they were games and could be funny while doing so. The level I played of Radiata Story is not in the actual game. It was made for e3. It was also very neat. You'd been given a quest by the producer of the game who was, in fact, a goat. He was quite angry about this whole affair and demanded that you go and break the spell on him and that the way to do so was in this castle. So off my team of misfits went, charging into this castle full of demons. The castle was pretty nice, orderly, the controls were smooth as were the menus, and the whole place was pretty friendly.

Someone help! I dropped my contact lens!

Leaping into a battle I found that I was looking at more classical Tri-Ace fare reminiscient of Star Ocean 3. It was full motion and while it wasn't nearly as active and detailed as Star Ocean 3s battle system it had it's charm as I controlled the main character to manuever deftly around the enemies, striking at their hind-quarters and doing a number of neat combos. After hitting the enemies enough I was able to do a super strike, flipping up high and smashing down while dealing splash damage to nearby foes. Crushing these demons I explored the castle, kicked open treasure chest, and followed the taunting directions of the development team who was jeering at the poor director's fate while giving hints on the dungeon.

Following these hints, I went after..the ladies. For they told me there was this room with them in it. The liars! I found in there none other than a mighty demon who towered high and offered deadly challenge as I sought to survive against such a fate.

While I didn't get to see the towns, I was relatively impressed by the style and form of that dungeon I played. A good introduction to the game that left me looking forward to checking it out later.

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