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The Xbox is often overlooked when it comes to RPGs. Although the Xbox may lack quantity, for many RPGamers it more than makes up for it in quality. This year is no exception, as the Xbox once again shows that a console can survive even with just a few RPGs.

Best Xbox 2004 Winner
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2

Coming in first this year is a movie giant turned into an RPG powerhouse. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords not only has a huge name, but it also has everything an Xbox RPG needs. With a finely tuned battle system, unique choice-dependant storyline, and multiple class combinations, The Sith Lords certain improved off the first game. Add in the ability to further customize your class, and the great Republic games are made even more great.

Knights 2 isn't just a rehash of the first game in new packaging, either. With a story that takes place a few years after the first, the game keeps the player involved in a fresh new story. Also, your team of characters this time around is almost all changed, for better or worse. The game progresses linearly at first, but then opens up to the player to be able to choose where they will go and in what order they do things. Knights 2 delivers just the kind of RPG experience that our staff enjoyed.

Second Place - Sudeki

Following in second is another Xbox exclusive RPG, the action-packed Sudeki. Sudeki delivers a battle heavy RPG with beautiful features. The graphics in Sudeki are really inspiring, showing off what the Xbox can really do, but it's the battle system that captured the staff's hearts in this game. Real-time battles with almost fighting game style controls dominate this game, and like the fighters it emulates, the battles can be played by both strategists and button mashers alike, with varying degrees of success. While the story can at times feel a bit over the top, its overall a solid plot, well worth the gamers time.

Third Place - Fable

Fable fills out the top 3 staff picks. While the staff may have been a bit disappointed with how Fable turned out, that doesn't mean that the staff disliked the game. On the contrary, we here at RPGamer enjoyed the Fable we got to play, even if it was less then what was promised to us. But with the graphics Fable boasts, its hard to get angry, or if you are, to stay angry for long. And graphics aren't the only thing to like about the game. Fable still gives us the chance to be what we want to be, either hero or destroyer. savior or tyrant. The battle system is a nice hack and slash style that allows you to fight in a melee style, sling spells, snipe your enemies, or all of the above. Fable is a solid play, well worth your time and effort.

by Matthew Foster

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