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Storylines have grown dramatically along with their RPGs counterparts over the years. While they started off with humble beginnings, they have evolved dramatically over the years and have become one of the most important components of the genre. Stories have become hours upon hours long, complete with extensive dialogue and large casts of developed and supporting characters. Here are the top staff choices for RPGs that have taken storylines to the next for 2004.

Best Storyline 2004 Winner
La Pucelle Tactics

The top game RPGamer Staff voted for is none other than La Pucelle Tactics. The Dark Prince, servant of the fallen angel Calamity, is about to rise again and cover the world in darkness. Players join the loud, angry, and self-centered demon huntress Prier, her little brother Cullotte, Alouette, and many other colorful characters as they hunt demons and go on an extensive adventure in order to stop him.

Though it was made by the same developers as Disgaea, La Pucelle has a far greater emphasis on story. While there are a number of plot twists that appear as the game progresses, the emphasis is on developing the cast of characters and their relationships with each other. The strength of this character-driven RPG's storyline was enough to merit it the prize for first place.

Second Place - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Our second choice is for the latest RPG adventure of everybody's favorite plumber: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. While Mario is as flat as he was in the previous Paper Mario, the story certainly isn't. Paper Mario 2 is almost twice as long as the original, in part due to the increase in story. The primary story naturally focuses on Mario's adventure, but there are two additional storylines that involve the princess and Bowser respectively. This time around the story is humorous, light-hearted, and enjoyable enough to earn it second place.

Third Place - Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Third up is the latest installment of the Koudelka series: Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Set during World War I in France, it manages to keep a balance of historical and entirely fictitious events evolving the hero Yuri and his companions. While it may be dark in theme, it also managed to retain a good balance of humor as well. This interesting mix, along with its mature and developed storyline, earns Covenant third place here at RPGamer.

by Derek Cavin

Honorable Mention - Phantom Brave

Honorable Mention - Tales of Symphonia

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