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In 2004 there weren't lots of PC games out, much less RPGs on the PC. Nothing is new there, but this year something was new: City of Heroes. In a very close arena if MMORPG combat there were many, more famous, more known names. With World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI looking like a simingly virtual lock for readers, the staff couldn't disagree more.

Best PC 2004 Winner
City of Heroes

City of Heroes not only showed the spirit of future MMORPGs, but it gave MMORPGs a new face. Although it wasn't full of races to choose from, City of Heroes did have a slew of customization at the fingertips of the player. Choosing between 5 different power and stat "archetypes" was only the start. The choice of starting powers, costume, color, height, and mutation origins gave City of Heroes a customization menu unlike any other game in 2004.

Throw in exciting battles with humans, monsters, and the occasional villian and you have the recipe for an enjoyable superhero game unlike any other. It doesn't stop there, either. With continuous special events, constant new upgrades, and new choices of both powersets and costumes, City of Heroes has proven that an MMORPG can be fun, fresh, and not take itself too seriously. For those reasons, and many more, RPGamer's staff says City of Heroes is the best PC game for 2004.

Second Place - World of Warcraft

Coming in second place was the equally popular World of Warcraft. With its cartoon-like graphics, fun gameplay, and original implementation of game basics. However, World of Warcraft's very public server problems seem to have set it back just enough to not be the best this year. Better than most, World of Warcraft claims the second place spot this year from the RPGamer staff.

Third Place - Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia

Pulling up the rear is a name we all know well, Final Fantasy. Namely, Final Fantasy XI's second expansion pack Chains of Promathia. Chains not only continued the tradition of great graphics and fun MMORPG play, but delivered new levels, storylines, and dungeons for all levels. Unfortunately the much-anticipated Blue Mage class didn't get to join the party, and Chains just wasn't much more than new levels for more money. For that, Final Fantasy XI:Chains of Promathia only managed to be the bridesmaid this year with a third place award.

by Jeff Walker

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